Hang on, now they’re saying that Joe Cole’s off to Italy

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Cole – impressing his new team mates?

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No doubt, minds all over the country are melting today with this new rudderless “hung parliament”. It’s all getting rather surreal.

And to add to the bewildering mess of it all, it looks like one of England’s finest has finally had enough, with reports that Joe Cole is planning stick two fingers up at the Premier League, and head off to Italy in the summer, should Chelsea fail to meet his rather demanding contract requests.

According to Goal.com, after months of big talk about reuniting with Henry Redknapp at Spurs, going back to his West Ham roots, or heading north to one of the Manchesters or Liverpool, as it happens, Joe Cole might yet move in the direction of Milan – with both factions reportedly keen to land his chubby thumb print.

A well placed source said this:

“Everyone knows his style would suit the continental game.”

Did everyone know that?

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