Guillermo Franco’s family and Mexican government officials brawl at Soccer City stadium

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Player’s wife hits back after striker is criticized

Guillermo Franco

The families of former West Ham striker Guillermo Franco and his elderly Mexico teammate Cuauhtemoc Blanco were involved in a stand up row with members of the Mexican government on Sunday, during their team’s 3-1 loss to Argentina.

A brawl broke out in a private box at the Soccer City stadium after Miguel Gomez Mont, director of Mexico’s National Tourism Fund, and his brother, also a government official, started hurling abuse at Franco, who came on in the 61st minute.

Unbeknown to them, the striker’s wife was in the room at the time and confronted Mont’s daughter before an almighty brawl broke out.

Blanco’s younger brother (the one looking for a sturdy chair to hurl) is alleged to have waded into the fight got involved after Mont, who has since been sacked by the Mexcian government, physically assaulted Franco’s wife in the melee.

Confused? Us too. The fight is entertaining, though.

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