Guess which football clubs top Britain’s hooligan league?

Home Office reveals figures for court orders


According to figures announced today by the Home Office, some 3,842 arrests were made for football-related offences at domestic and international matches in England and Wales last season – that’s 1.21 arrests per game. Decent scoring rate, that, Gary.

The figures also revealed how many court orders were awarded to each club’s fans. Here’s your starter for ten: which three clubs do you think have fans with the most court orders? A point for each club; one bonus point if you get them in the right order…

Answer after the jump:

Drum roll…

Nationally, there were 3,172 court orders imposed on football fans last season. These clubs had the worst-behaved supporters:

1. Leeds United (152 orders)

2. Cardiff City (136)

3. Millwall (117)

There’s a surprise!

Anyone guess all three teams, and in the correct order?

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