Great news, Chelsea – Neymar goes into meltdown at Santos

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Neymar – sugar rushing?


It’s now traditional for a great Brazilian footballers to replace their God given talent with a serious attitude problem at some stage during their careers, but 18-year-old Neymar appears to be accelerating the process, with a dramatic display of petulance in a recent Santos match against Atletico-GO.

After being refused the opportunity to smash one in from the penalty spot, the young rebel reacted in the manner of a depressed toddler by deciding never to pass the ball to his team mates EVER AGAIN.

After all, he didn’t ask to be born.

Anyway, Santos boss Dorival Junior said this on the matter:

“In seven years as a coach, I’ve never had such a problem with indiscipline.”

“It is a difficult problem, grave, serious and will require effort from us all.”

“At all times we feel that an act of indiscipline, whether from Neymar or a boy from academy, we will punish it.”

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