Goldsmith makes £14,000 vuvuzela for wealthy Russian

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Any excuse to post more fit girls blowing horns


Somewhere between being used as a weapon to batter police officers and taking over YouTube, the vuvuzela transcended football and became a global cultural phenomenon. One megabucks Russian businessman has chosen to celebrate the popularity of plastic noisemaker by commissioning a £14k replica, to give to a South African business partner.

The South African Times report Austrian goldsmith Klemenz Pointer has been tasked to fashion the luxe horn in time for the World Cup final on July 11.

Crucially, although sprinkled liberally with white gold and diamonds, Pointer’s creation will have the same cheap plastic body as every other vuvuzela, meaning the lucky recipient will actually be able to get a good sound out of it.

Hmm. The world’s most irritating instrument made even more obnoxious by tipping precious metals and stones all over it – we’re sure it’ll go down a storm with this mystery South African’s mates.

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