Gisele Bündchen wins a million dollars betting on Inter Milan

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Extremely rich model is a little richer thanks to Mourinho


It’s no secret that the ladies love Jose Mourinho, but now it appears the cocky Portuguese has added one of the hottest women on the planet to his long list of admirers.

According to the Metropolitan Post (we’ve never heard of it either), Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen has won $1 million betting on Inter Milan. The Spanish paper Sport adds that she could make even more from if Mourinho’s men secure the Scudetto.

Unlike most Italians, the world’s richest supermodel is said to have “complete faith” in The Special One, and has been placing weekly bets with british bookmaker Stanleybet since December.

As the owner of a $150m fortune, the ridiculously attractive Brazilian can easily afford to have such unfalrteing faith.

Spoiler bonus: Gisele is a WAG thanks to her marriage to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and a brief relationship with Italian man-o’-sex Francesco Coco.

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