Get your football betting tips from Andy Gray, no less

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Betfair’s newest recruit



It’s a brave man who decides to give up a portion of his time to predict the outcome of a football match – especially during the current Premier League campaign.

So, a big Spoiler doff of the cap to Andy Gray, who shall be attempting to do for Betfair Football what Mark Lawrenson manages to botch up with almost impressive frequency for the BBC – call the winners and losers in important football matches.

According to Matt Booth, Betfair’s Head of UK Marketing:

“We’re delighted to have signed Andy Gray, his credentials speak for themselves. There has been a lot of competition for his signature so we were keen to get the deal confirmed well ahead of deadline day.”

“Betfair is all about fans betting against each other, so it is great to have Andy’s predictions and opinions to spark the debate among supporters. We’re on the fans’ side and the unique content Andy will provide will help us sign-up new customers in the coming months.”

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