Gerrard wants OUT, Barca/Arsenal stand off…

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 ”Yeah, not bad”


For anyone who loves television programmes, you might have noticed that the BBC decided to cash in on WAG culture by sending a pretty mob of football sex partners to Africa, in a rather honourable mission to raise awareness about poverty.

It was a nice move, but, even so, The Spoiler would still rather take a more ITVapproach to these women, with a show called WAGs to Witches – in which various WAGs undergo a hilarious make-under, before emerging from behind a screen looking absolutely abominable. Any TV execs reading, please, help yourself.

Anyway, on a totally unrelated note, here’s what we know about football transfers, thanks to the likes of The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Ooh-Ah Daily Star, and the rest…:

It’s looking ever more like a case of “either he goes, or I do” in Liverpool, with rumours abound that Stevie G has had it up to here with Rafa Benitez dicking the club around. If that manager stays, around £25million in neatly pressed notes could see the Anfield skipper heading off to sunny Spain/Italy. Man City are also interested, but the consensus seems to be that they can sod off.

Two other fine midfielders feeling insecure about their living arrangements for the rest of the year are rumoured to be Cesc Fabregas (still!), and England’s James Milner. The word on the grapevine is that Barca and Arsenal are now locked in an awkward staring competition over the Spaniard, with Arsenal hoping that the Barcelona boardroom will eventually crack and hand over a whopping £80million for their prodigal son.

Whilst Man United, Man City, and Chelsea are all keen to snaffle Milner. To further fuel the fire, Milner said this, regarding whether he will still be at Villa next season:

“I don’t know. When we finished the season at Aston Villa, we said we would discuss it after the World Cup and that’s as far as I am.”

He’ll be off, then.

Elsewhere in the world, the Toure brothers look set to be reunited at Man City, and Dimitar Berbatov’s Man United nightmare could yet end with a long trip to Italy – both Juve and AC seem quite keen to nab his gentlemanly thumb print.

And that’s your lot. For now.

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