Germans bury a lucky sausage under the Nou Camp pitch

Undeterred by national culinary stereotypes, Bayern Munich cast a pork-based curse on Barcelona


In the minds of Bayern Munich fans, the Nou Camp is not a lucky venue: the famous Catalan stadium hosted the 1999 Champions league final that saw the Germans dramatically piss away the title to Manchester Utd.

Their fortunes at the hallowed stadium, however, are about to change.

Taking inspiration from the cheeky Boston Red Sox fans who buried one of their jerseys under the new Yankee Stadium, Bild have hidden a ‘Glücks-Weisswurst’ (’Lucky White Sausage’) beneath one of the corner flags.


Weisswurst – which consists of calf meat, pig back bacon, spices and magic – is Munich’s most celebrated sausage.

Its performance enhancing qualities are unknown, but if Bayern Munich manage a result tonight, they can thank the intrepid reporter who buried his sausage in the pitch.