German man seriously injures police officer with vuvuzela

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Meanwhile, sexy Paraguyan uses horn for intended purpose


Is this the first incidence of a vuvuzela-based crime? And does it count towards The Spoiler’s bid to break records in World Cup Rage reportage?

As German fans in Dinslaken, north of Duisburg, made their way home after Die Mannschaft’s victory over Ghana on Wednesday, one pissed-up supporter began taunting a police officer directing traffic around the crowd. The police report reads:

“As he turned to the 20-year-old, the man suddenly began hitting and kicking the officer. Furthermore he began pounding the officer’s head with a vuvuzela.”

Bystander accounts claim it took three people to take the vuvuzela-wielding wildman down, while the police officer has been officially declared unfit for duty due to ’severe [head] injuries’ and, we suspect, the shame of being tamed by a plastic horn.

The Spoiler would like to take this time to extend an apology to visionary World Cup IOC head Danny Jordaan, a man clearly ahead of his time, for doubting his sanity when he predicted this exact event a full month ago. Looks like it’s humble pie for lunch. Again.

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