Gerard Pique enjoys a wonderful summer holiday

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Oh God! They’re on a boat!


Site regulars might have noticed a new dimension to The Spoiler in recent days. The hard hitting news is still there, so is the informative football analysis. But there’s something else. Something womanly.

Well, friends, that’s because someone left a copy of OK! in the office, and it was just too inspiring not to rip off. So, in light of Sneijder’s marriage, and Longoria playing footie, today we join Gerard Pique on a boat!

And not just any old boat – this one looks like a yacht.


Holiday fans will know exactly what Pique is up to here – here’s letting off steam, and having the time of his damn life in the Balearic Islands.

Like all footballers, Gerard has his entourage with him – which presumably includes some choice friends who liked him even before he won the World Cup, and some girls who were picked up in a local bar.

Perhaps one of Gerard’s pals bought one of them a flirtatious shot of Aftershock and pointed to Pique raising his glass from the other side of the bar.

Perhaps they met on one of those hilarious banana boats. Or perhaps they were all lovers already. No one knows.


Whatever the case, Gerard would be wise to suggest that they peruse the bigger sizes when bikini shopping in future. That can’t be hygienic.

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