Gattuso’s coming, Sol’s free, and London transfer scrap

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‘ave some of that!


AC Milan’s Genaro Gatusso and Lazio’s Tomasso Rocchi battle for the ball

After the Notts County dream went very Pete Wrong, Sol Campbell is now footloose and fancy free again, and reportedly on the lookout for another club to grace with his rather unique presence. There were rumblings coming from Newcastle, but opinions are divided. Some say he’s joining, others say he isn’t.

According to the gentlemen at The SunGattuso has finally had enough of bench-warming at AC Milan, and may yet hit these frosty shores in January, with Man City leading the race for his autograph. He recently said this to the Italian press:

“I am Rino Gattuso and I cannot wait for someone to get injured in order to play.”

City midfield, consider that an advanced warning.

And elsewhere in the world, it looks like Arsenal will have a scrap on their hands if they want to snaffle Mario Balotelli from Inter – Chelsea are also keen on landing the striker, mainly as a replacement for Drog-Drog during the African Cup of Nations.