Gary Megson isn’t impressed by Ben Foster’s iPod

Bolton have been using them for ages! Honest!


As everyone in the world is frightfully aware by now, Ben Foster gained the upper hand in the Carling Cup shoot-out by boning up on Tottenham’s penalty-taking techniques with the help of coach Eric Steele’s iPod.

While the Manchester Utd keeper has surely earned himself a lifetime supply of shiny Apple products for all the free advertising, Gary Megson is distinctly unimpressed by media claims that the Reds have been innovative:

“We have been using iPods and things like that for the last couple of years. We just don’t get the same publicity as some people.”

Keen to stress that visiting Bolton’s plush Euxton training facility is akin to being on the set of Minority Report, Megson continued to boast about The Trotters’ cutting edge integration of technology:

“All our stuff is done using electronics, smart boards and DVDs. We have three dedicated staff and are probably as advanced as any club in the Premier League.

“For example we can put motivational videos on a player’s iPod purely and simply for them.

“It is just the way of the world now. When we used pen and paper before, we have people who can do all sorts of things.”

You hear that, Manchester Utd? All their “stuff” is done with electronics! They have three members of staff available to programme iPods at any given point! When you luddites finally get DVDs at Carrington, they’ll be watching Blu-Rays at Euxton!

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