Garry Cook admits Man Utd ‘clock’ banner ‘drives City nuts’

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Stretford End flag counts years since Man City’s last trophy



Man City’s resident mentalist Garry Cook is exactly the type of person you might expect spends his weekdays patrolling Eastlands, barking out short inspirational maxims like ‘never let them see you bleed’ and ’smile now, cry later’.

However, in City’s homemade documentary Blue Moon Rising, under the glare of the camera, the club CEO briefly drops his guard to admit one particular jab Man Utd fans have been throwing at City has taken a direct hit.

A banner hangs on Old Trafford’s Stretford End which keeps a rolling count on the number of years since Man City last won a trophy (League Cup back in ‘76.) Roberto Mancini promised, and failed, to tear it down last season, and in ‘Blue Moon’, Cook admits it’s an irritation:

There is a banner at Old Trafford which reads 33½ years and it is ticking towards 34, the number of years without a trophy here. It drives us nuts.

According to the Telegraph, other tidbits from the film, which premiered last night, include numerous references to ‘the weasel’ Gary Neville, chairman Khaldoon Al-Murabak standing by his decision to sack Mark Hughes and replace him with ‘a winner’; and Carlos Tevez claiming he has ‘nothing to prove to that man’. Don’t need to tell you who he’s on about there.

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