Gallery: At home with the Arshavin family

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An insight into the fascinating private life of an Arsenal star

Arshavin family 1

Ever since Andrei Arshavin joined Arsenal in January, certain questions have plagued football fans: which brand of butter does the Russian prefer? Does his wife own any bright pink velour tracksuits? How do his boots looked when photographed next to a pear?

Thankfully, our prayers have been answered with the release of these pictures, which show the Arsenal midfielder at home with partner-who-he-calls-his-wife-even-though-they’re-not-married Julia and son Artyom.

Arshavin family 2

Lord only knows how or why these pictures got onto the internet, or why there is a distinct lack of Andrei Arshavin sex faces, but you can check out the rest after the jump…

Arshavin family 3

Above: Julia whips up a salad, which she may or may not plan to serve in a silver dog bowl.

Arshavin family 4

Andrei surfs the net, and wonders why the picture on his television is so small.

Arshavin family 5

Julia polishes off her third beer of the night while donning a fierce pink tracksuit. She doesn’t restrict her drinking to the privacy of her own home though.

Arshavin family 6

Unaware that he is no longer surrounded by a freezing Russian climate, Andrei still opts to wear a jacket indoors.

Arshavin family 7

If it wasn’t for the pear, potential eBay customers would have no idea how big his boots are.

Arshavin family 8

Proof that Andrei doesn’t exclusively wear Arsenal training gear at home. He also wears awful pullovers.

Arshavin family 9

The Arshavins’ conservatory, about which there’s nothing particularly funny to say.

Arshavin family 10

The kitchen, which features one of his many Arshavin baseball caps.

Arshavin family 11

When she isn’t drinking, Andrei’s childlike wife likes to sweep the patio in her jammies.

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