Frank Lampard to front anti-obesity ads

Kettle. Pot. Black etc


The screenshot above comes from a televison advert you’ll soon be zipping through on the sky+ this Autumn. Showing that not all government agencies lack a sense of humour, the Department of Health have enlisted tooth-rotting sugar-barons the corporately responsible Pepsi, and a man nicknamed ‘Fat Frank’ to front their £75m marketing push to reduce the waistlines of the nation’s children.

With the exciting slogan “active parents make active kids”, Lamps cryptically tells us, “Even the best finishers need someone to start them off,” in the strapline on the ad.

In the token quote, Lamps says. “You are never too young to get active and have fun. Once you have found what it is you love doing, the passion can stay with you for life. It’s about getting out there and discovering a sport or an activity you love and in doing so staying fit and healthy”.


Frank Lampard to front anti-obesity ads
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