Former Chelsea star locks Juventus president in a toilet

Tiago exacts revenge on club by trapping old man in a loo 


If Manchester Utd feel like they were given grief during the summer Cristiano Ronaldo transfer saga, they should spare a thought for Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli.

Former Chelsea midfielder Tiago Mendes – pictured above ripping Guti’s hair out – has had a relatively uneventful time at Juve (read: “he’s been a bit crap”), and the Italian giants were keen to shift him to either Monaco or Everton. The Portuguese, however, insisted that he wanted to play Champions League football, and negotiations turned ugly. The Juventus president has sheepishly admitted that he was forcibly locked in a toilet at the club’s training ground by the aggressive star last week:

“The story of me being locked in the toilet by Tiago is true,” confessed Cobolli Gigli live on Sky Italia television.

“It’s a shame it got out, as this was something I told a friend in confidence. In any case, Alessandro Del Piero responded to the noise of me punching the door and offered to break it down.”

Del Piero was instructed to get someone else to force the door open,in order to “save his shoulders” for the weekend game with Fiorentina. Gigli hoped that Tiago “would find another club” before the transfer window slammed shut, but unfortunately the flop remains on the books at La Vecchia Signora.

The media reports of this incident have thus far shunned the big question: how the hell does someone get locked inside a toilet? Are the locks on the outside in Italy?

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