Football’s naughtiest manager gets handed comical ban

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Crawley boss set for two months on the naughty step


Mark Hughes might feel hard done by over Emmanuel Adebayor’s recent three-game ban, but spare a thought for Conference side Crawley Town. Their manager Steve Evans has been slapped across the chops with a thirteen match penalty.

With the sort of speed and efficiency you’d expect from the FA, Evans has only just received a three-game ban for using ‘foul and abusive language’ in a match against Salisbury City last February. An additional 10-game suspended penalty was tacked on from a 12-match ban the manager previously sat out last season.

According to the club’s vice-chairman:

‘Steve is consulting with his own legal people before deciding whether to appeal. The club respect what the FA think is right but we do think it’s harsh.

‘It is one of the downsides of having a very passionate manager who wants to win everything. I’d rather have someone like that than a passive manager.

Which would be fair enough, if Crawley had actually won anything in Evans’ two years at the club.

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