Footballers forsake their undies

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Can you guess which England players can’t be bothered with pants?


After years of sharing massive baths and using changing areas for business meetings, footballers have no problem with being naked. As both Gerrard and Beckham will attest to.

According to this morning’s Sun, Gerrard has taken to visiting the local ‘ozzie’ for his groin scans without bothering to wear underpants. This has left shocked nurses bemused to the point where they gave him some boxers from the Gap as a present.The gift was intended to keep them from ever seeing his penis again.

“Steven seems to think it’s funny,” spluttered one of the nurses.

And, over in America, Mr and Mrs Beckham can’t be bothered putting their pants on either. Talking to the woman’s lifestyle magazine, Elle, Posh said this:

“I sleep naked. You don’t sleep with David Beckham. I’m going to be naked if I’m getting in bed with him every night.”

She is, of course, alluding to the fact that the couple may be married, but they still enjoy having great sex. Nice one, Posh.

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