Which football star is brave enough to wear pink boots?

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Pink is the new black


This is Nike’s new Mercurial Rosa football boot. Observant readers will notice that the Rosa is pink. Yes… pink! It would takes one confident player to slip on a pair of these.

So, can you guess which Premier League forward has been forced asked by Nike to wear the Rosas, in front of real, live fans?

Answer after the jump:

No, it’s not Cristiano Ronaldo. Good guess though.

The answer is:

Soccer - Barclays Premier League -  Wigan Athletic v Arsenal - The JJB Stadium

Yes, it’s Nicklas Bendtner of Arsenal.

Poor chap. Surely no fans will mock his pink footwear, perhaps by making up a chant that takes advantage of the fact his surname sounds a lot like “Bent”. No, that won’t happen.

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