Football journalists duped into watching homoerotica

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Interweb saboteur gets the better of Scottish scribes


Here’s a cautionary tale for anyone who opens nonchalantly opens email attachments, courtesy of The Telegraph:

One gentleman of the Scottish football press, who shall not be identified, was this week tipped off by a contact that phone camera footage had emerged from the Celtic dressing room of the recent punch-up between Artur Boruc and Aiden McGeady and could be found on a certain website.

The journo involved promptly passed this info to a substantial number of colleagues, most of whom went straight online to witness the fun. They certainly got full-blooded man-on-man action, but in the form of extremely graphic gay male porn.

To make matters worse, the download had a viral element that kept it on screen, despite frantic efforts to erase it. Nor could the desperate scribes turn to their IT departments for help as accessing porno sites is an office no-no.

Which is why the editorial floors of several newspapers were treated to the sight of football writers frantically scrabbling under their desks to disconnect power and communication cables from their PCs before colleagues could leap to wholly erroneous conclusions.

At least, that is the explanation currently being offered by the gentlemen involved.

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