Football Fashion Eye: Tricycles and Stilts

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Try to keep up, squares…


To keep ahead of the style game you need to keep a close eye on footballers and their delicious WAGs. Had you asked The Spoiler on Friday about the best motorbikes and shoes in the world, we’d have said something about two-wheeled Hondas and ironic 80s sneakers. It’s embarrassing to remember how behind the times we were back in those days.

We now know different. We now know that it’s all about Circus Chic, darling.

As Shaun Wright Phillips and Steve Sidwell (above) proved over the weekend, the best freewheelin’ motorbikes are Harley Davidson tricycles (suitable for children?) . And anyone who saw Robbie Keane and his wife Claudine Palmer out and about on the streets of Liverpool know that, if they really want to be a la mode, women simply must start wearing stilts.

Observe the proof after the jump…


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