The first Spanish player to score against Sweden wins a Hummer!

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Large automobile to be exchanged for dignity


Last night, Austrian striker Ivica Vastic earned himself a lifetime’s supply of beer from a Vienna-based brewery, by slotting away an injury time penalty. In the spirit of rewarding overpaid athletes for fulfilling the criteria of their job description, Paddy Power have offered the first Spaniard to score against Sweden tomorrow night a Hummer. That’s not a ‘hummer’ in the sense that Cristiano Ronaldo and his lady-of-the-night associates may understand it, but rather one of those grotesque gas-guzzling military vehicles that they can’t shift for love nor money anymore.

There is, however, one condition for the giveaway. The Spanish scorer must also perform the ‘Chiki-Chiki’ dance – it’s a joke routine that started on Spanish television and ended up being their 2008 Eurovision entry.

Whether a Spanish footballer will have so little shame that they break into a choreographed routine for the sake of the prize is debatable, particularly as a car like this is about as useful as a dead horse in Spain at the moment: fuel prices are through the roof and truckers are hell-bent on keeping traffic stationary.

Yet this isn’t the first time Paddy Power have attempted to stir publicity with a big truck: a few weeks ago they offered Spain boss Luis Aragones a free hummer if he attended a press conference wearing a Raul shirt. Said press conference was a few days after he had dropped the Real Madrid striker, and unsurprisingly, Aragones rejected the offer.