Finally, England produce an official bikini kit

The slightly dull national team shirt just got interesting


For too long, the attractive ladies of our fair nation have been crying out for a means of displaying their patriotism and most of their skin simultaneously. Finally, their needs have been met with the England bikini kit.

It looks like something Sepp Blatter dreamed as part of his crusade to ’sex up’ the ladies’ game, but the skimpy uniform has come to pass thanks to the chaps at Loaded magazine, who have commissioned a number of England kit designs to be auctioned on behalf of the PSP Association (a charidee dedicated to the support of people with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy).

The Spoiler’s second favourite design from the range is the world’s first England kit for dogs. That’s right, dogs…


Sexy stuff, non?

Unfortunately, these new kits won’t be appearing in a cheapo Mike Ashley sports shop near you. There’s only one way to get your hands/paws on them and many other natty designs, and that’s by taking part in the eBay charity auction, which commences on September 8th.

Incidentally, if you wish to obtain the latest issue of Loaded, head to a reputable newsagent who will gladly exchange a copy for some money. The thing you are looking for looks like this…