Fernando Torres stands by his man… ager



It must be pretty bleak in the Benitez household at the moment. A beautiful tree that glitters and sparkles, numerous boot and ball shaped gifts underneath, the whole thing slightly ruined by the sounds of hysterical sobbing and mirrors being smashed in the toilet.

On the plus side for the Liverpool manager, his prize acquisition, Fernando Torres, has been speaking out in his defence.

“I think sacking the manager is not a solution.”

“The manager is not playing so we have to be positive with him, try to work with him.”

“Obviously we need players. If we can bring in quality players it should be really positive for us, but I think the situation is really difficult because I think we don’t have money to bring in the best players.”

And with that, another glassy Benitez reflection shatters.

Merry Christmas Rafa!

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