Fergie forced to sign up for Match of the Day interviews

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Six year post-match boycott comes to an end…


Expect Gary Lineker’s opening lines on next season’s Match of the Day to be even more smug and annoying than usual. New Premier League rules, to be enforced next year, mean all managers will have to give post-match interviews to broadcasting rights holders – meaning Sir Alex Ferguson will have to explain his latest outburst to the cameras himself, rather than sending right-hand man Mike Phelan.

Ferguson promised never to do another interview with the BBC after it broadcast a documentary alleging his football agent son Jason used the family name to gain influence in transfer dealings, in 2004.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp and Blackburn’s Sam Allardyce have also had previous run-ins with the Beeb over corruption allegations, but all will have to give TV or radio interviews or face ‘a sliding scale of punishments’.

Further acquiescing to power of broadcasting coin, these new Prem guidelines will also allow TV stations to interview players on the pitch directly after a game, US-sports style.

So, if 20-30 “umm”s, “y’know”s and “at the end of the day”s per sentence wasn’t enough (in an answer to a question they’ve already been asked off-air, 10 seconds earlier), we can now get the the lucid insight of a footballer’s opinion straight after they’ve played 90 minutes of football – complete with opposition shirt worn inside-out, water bottle in mouth and gratuitous spitting.

The magic of the Premier League.

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