FC Köln find unique way of funding Podolski transfer

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Fans buy advertising space on Poldi’s face


Polish-born Germany striker Lukas Podolski is thoroughly unsettled at current club Bayern Munich, and has now secured a move back to his first Bundesliga club FC Köln, to begin in July.

Poldi is one of the most popular players in Deustchland, and the transfer fee is expected to be in the region of €10m. In order to bring their star player home, Cologne have enlisted the help of their fans, particularly those who own businesses.

At the club’s Poldi-Pixel site, fans may purchase an 8×8 pixel square for €25, which they can use to advertise a company and display wishes of goodwill towards the striker.

To cover the entire fee, FC Köln will have to sell 400,000 pixels.