Fake shirts seized, Capello slums it, and more…

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Capello – man of the people

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With a little bit of luck, most of you will have spent a small portion of today marking a little ‘X’ next to whoever you think should be running the country. It would be nice to see the yellows have a crack, but a hunch suggests that come tomorrow, we will all be blue with misery, or red with rage. Such is the nature of politics.

Anyway, enough of that, here’s what else we know, thanks to the likes of The Sun, The Mail, The Guardian etc…:

After all of this morning’s big talk about World Cup entrepreneurs, it seems that the mighty hand of the law has come crashing down on a cash-hungry gang of counterfeiters in Indonesia. Two factories were busted, and 140,000 fake England shirts were reportedly seized by the cops. A source said this:

“Fake football shirts are a very big business and the crooks are linked to menacing individuals.”

In rather less terrifying news, Fabio Capello has apparently refused to stay in the Presidential Suite at the England hotel during the World Cup, instead opting to slum it in the standard sized suites reserved for his players. How very Lib Dem of him.

Elsewhere in the world, Rafa Benitez has been overheard asking his Liverpool bosses if he can please spend any Fernando Torres money on more Ryan Babels/Alberto Aquilanis. And Stephen Ireland has been overheard pondering his future out loud.

Form an orderly queue, Everton/Aston Villa.

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