Fabregas won’t be going anywhere, thanks very much

Cesc – staying put


The lure of his homeland must haunt the mind of Cesc Fabregas. The money is good, the sun shines down from the skies like long sheets of lovely hotness, and he wouldn’t have to endure the crippling inconveinience of having to translate everything in his head before he opens his mouth to speak.

Just yesterday it was reported that Real Madrid are keen to snaffle the Arsenal captain, in a move that would provide an unbelievable karate chop to Barcelona’s knickers. But, Arsenal supporters have permission to breathe again. Chief exec Ivan Gazidis insists that no such business will be conducted any time soon.

As reported in today’s Daily Mail, the businessman said this:

“No one from any club has approached us about Cesc Fabregas.”

“Cesc has continually said – and I don’t think he could say it more clearly – that he’s focused on Arsenal.”

“He’s a very important part of our team, so there’s no thought about him going anywhere. I’m reluctant to talk about hypotheticals, but this club will not transfer any player unless it wants to.”

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