Fabregas makes mid-flight apology to travelling fans

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“This is your captain speaking etc…”


As reported in today’s Independent, Cesc Fabregas fulfilled every boy’s childhood dream of making an announcement on a plane. In fact, thinking about it, the universal desire to sit in a cockpit is a rather odd one – after all, are these pilots not just upmarket cabbies?

Nitpicking aside, following his team’s rather muddled display against Porto, Fabregas took it upon himself to grab the mic and issue an apology to the travelling fans, most of them sitting unhappily in the less snazzy seats.

His announcement was simply:

“I want to apologise for losing the game.”

Yet, it was still met with a hearty round of applause.

Very thoughtful.

But, is this more proof that Fabregas may yet be tiring of his inconsistent team mates? Let us know with a comment.

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