The FA lost England’s Jabulani practice balls five months ago

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Did England’s test batch get nicked?


The Mirror are reporting England could have had an extra four months to practice with the World Cup’s infamous Jabulani ball… except the test batch Adidas sent over was lost at Wembley.

Each of the tournament’s 32 competing nations were given their own batch of Jabulanis to have a practice kick about with in February, yet England only played with the ball for the first time in Austria last month. Since using it, gaffer Fabio Capello has claimed the Jabulani is in fact ‘the worst ball in World Cup history’.

Adidas say England’s missing cargo are nothing to do with them, as it vanished after being picked up at Wembley:

“The Football Associations of all 32 countries competing in the World Cup were sent 25 balls in February.

“I can confirm that a consignment of 25 balls were delivered to England at Wembley Stadium in February.”

So who nicked our balls? And, considering Slovenia, Algeria and Switzerland asked for extra supplies, why didn’t the FA just get some more in?

Hmm. Umbro, we’re looking in your direction…

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