Extremely important Ex-WAG calendar information

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Atkinson goes toe-to-toe with Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd

Between them, Danielle Lloyd and Gemma Atkinson have snogged at least four footballers, perhaps more. We’re talking Ronaldo, Sheringham, Defoe – all the greats. And yet, they no longer appear to fit the modern footballer’s distinguished palate, with Lloyd opting instead to service musicians, and Atkinson hunting around for dates in a set of aggressive leather trousers. Still, no matter, they will be back, especially if their raunchy calendars are anything to go by.

Danielle Lloyd 2

In her version, Atkinson has perfected an interesting arm-draping pose that looks fantastic/weird. While Lloyd has opted to showcase typical everyday shots, such as “legs akimbo on a balcony”, “bed sitting during Roman times”, and “bathroom nakedness”. But which one of these steamy young vixens is hotter?

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Atkinson 2

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