Exciting new Man City menu revealed, featuring PIZZA!

“Two pizzas and a wine, please”

'Dr. Oetker' - Frozen pizza production

The football world is an ever changing landscape. Rewind a few long years, and players would be preparing for a big game with a pie, a few pints of frothy beer, and a darts competition. Now it’s all power foods, rehydration and nutritionists.

But not for long, should Roberto Mancini have anything to do with it.

As reported in todays Mirror, the Man City boss will be looking to spruce up the players’ pre-match menu in the coming weeks.

“Food before the match, I will sort that out calmly. For example, you need chicken, pizza, carbohydrates, even a glass of wine, but they are not on the table.”

He went on to explain how he’s noticed since his arrival that “the players are strong and the club well organised.”

Hmm, might this be because they haven’t spent that last few years gorging on meat feasts and sloshing back Chiantis before matches?

Mancini could be making a grave mistake. One that finds a drunken post-lunch Craig Bellamy zipping carelessly all over the pitch, threatening to punch people in the face… oh hang on.

No real change.

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