Ex-Liverpool striker Craig Johnston delivers 12-page Jabulani rant to Sepp Blatter

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Creator of the Predator football boot registers his disgust


The Jabulani World Cup match ball hasn’t found many friends this summer, being described at various points during the tournament as ‘dreadful’, ‘terrible’, ‘a catastrophe’ and even ’supernatural’.

Now Craig Johnston, former Liverpool striker and inventor of the Predatorfootball boots you would have stepped over your own nan to have in the mid-’90s, has stuck his oar in with a scathing 12-page missive to Mr. FIFA himself, Sepp Blatter.

Johnston has collected various complaints from players and coaches, as well as detailed statistical data, in attempt to prove the sleep-inducing start to this year’s World Cup was down to the Jabulani. (Cynical tactics from overly cautious teams had nothing to do with it, obviously.) Says RTE Sport:

Johnston says in his letter to Blatter: ‘If a sponsor came into your office before the World Cup and said: ‘We are going to give you a new, perfectly round match ball, the players won’t like it at all, there will be more mistakes made than in any other World Cup, there will be less goals scored, less free-kicks scored, less passes complete, less control by players and roughly 70% of crosses and shots on goal will miss wide and go way over the crossbar. What would you say to them?’

Fair point. Despite being in cahoots with Adidas over Predators, Johnston hasn’t spared the Jabulani manufacturers from criticism in his rant, and now claims he expects to be blacklisted by FIFA for speaking out.

Oo-er. The Spoiler respects his dedication, but we reckon “it’s worse than those footballs sold at petrol stations” probably would have been enough.

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