Everyone at Real Madrid hates Cristiano Ronaldo

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CR7 allegedly only has THREE friends at Real


The next few times Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal and starts doing his “I’m great, me!” celebration shtick, look closely. What’s wrong with the picture? Oh yeah, that’s it.


According to Spain’s most popular football radio show, El Larguero, that’s because, astonishingly, none of his Real Madrid teammates actually like him.

In fact, Iker Casillas hates him – and in his case, it’s all to do with his famously sexy girlfriend Sara Carbonero.

Apparently relations between Casillas and Ronaldo have been strained ever since Carbonero described CRon as being ‘very selfish’ on a Spanish chat show.

The jinking winger was allegedly so offended he took it up directly with the Casillas, who was forced to make an apology on Sara’s behalf.

The situation wasn’t helped when, two days later, club president Florentino Perez called a meeting hours prior a game, solely to put on a special screening of Carbonero’s announcement for everyone who might not have watched it first time round – ostensibly in a cackhanded attempt at convincing Ronaldo not to worry about it.

IN ADDITION, it’s being claimed the 25-year-old Portugese doesn’t believe his teammates offer enough support when he receives stick from fans. El Larguero say Cristiano reckons he should be as loved at Real as Messi is at Barcelona… and is amazed the rest of his colleagues don’t feel the same way.

Apparently CR7 only has three friends at the Bernabeu: Pepe, the Brazilian defender with a penchant for using opponents as human dancefloors, Marcelo, and new boy Angel di Maria, who obviously hasn’t been around Ronny long enough to realise what a **** he is.