The Euro 2008 Ugly XI


The Spoiler considers Euro 2008’s aesthetically challenged stars

If the 1997 Oscar-winning Italian World War II film Life Is Beautiful taught us anything, it’s that beauty can be found even in the darkest of circumstances. Yet sometimes, even the beautiful game is plagued by the ‘handsomely impaired’. What follows is a squad that may be described as ‘ugly’, ‘fugly’ and perhaps most harshly, ‘pug fugly’. Read on if you dare…

1. Rüştü Reçber

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI_1

The war paint and ‘face art’ are distracting, but not quite distracting enough.

2. Ludovic Magnin

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI_2

You know life isn’t fair when you grow up to be bald and ginger.

3. Carles Puyol

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI_3

It’s not 1976 – get a haircut, hippy!

4. Philippe Senderos

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI_4

Some suit the shaven look, Senderos clearly doesn’t. The Star Trek ears and ’special’ expression don’t help his cause either.

5. Jorge Ribeiro

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI_5

For the sake of his self-esteem, this Portuguese would do well not to stand next to C-Ron.

6. Franck Ribery

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI_6

The French midfielder must count his lucky stars that he can play football.

7. Andrea Pirlo

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI_7

Hailing from the most beautiful country in Europe is tough when you have a wonky gormless face.

8. Stephane Grichting

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI_8

The Swiss midfielder’s nose is so big it has its own constitution.

9. Niko Kovac

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI_9

This Croatian wouldn’t be too bad if he didn’t have a Bond villain-esque squint. Look at him, plotting the elaborate death of a fictional British secret service agent…

10. Jan Koller

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI_10

Nevermind the swerve, these tournament match balls give off terrifying reflections.

11. Ruud van Nistelrooy

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI_11

You’d find yourself in offside positions too if you had to wear blinkers for most of the day.

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