Should England be worried about the players’ form?

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Quite probably the most startling thing about last night’s Liverpool match, as pointed out by Graham Taylor – who, by the way, sounded either drunk or on meds – was that Steven Gerrard had pretty much no say in proceedings. He’d totally disappeared.

It’s been a relatively appalling season by the Liverpool man’s standards, but he’s not the only one. After the jump, you will find a list of four rather long reasons to worry in the run up to the World Cup…

1. There doesn’t appear to be a first-choice goalkeeper. Robert Green looked to have that one in the bag, but would anyone really play him over Joe Hart or David James? Capello might.

2. The presumed back four of Johnson, Terry, Ferdinand, Cole have all had disappointing seasons for one reason or another. Johnson is great going forward but can’t defend. Terry appears to have lost his sharpness since being outed as a sex monkey. Ferdinand has dodgy back/lack of form issues, and Cole is only just back from a long injury lay-off. As for their back up – the likes of BrownLescott and Upson haven’t exactly played/set the world alight. Dawson is untried at England level, Ledley King needs a month off in between games. And, please, no one mention Gary Neville.

3. There are two reasons to be moderately cheerful in the midfield – Lampsieseems to be doing well, and James Milner looks set to become the new Nicky Butt/Owen Hargreaves. But everyone else has been rubbish. The aforementioned Gerrard is now just a shadow of Steven GerrardJoe Colewill be hoping to make the plane based on fond memories – as will Theo Walcott – Gareth Barry is little more than dependable, Michael Carrickhas completely gone missing, and Aaron Lennon is only just fit again. Would it be worth taking Mr West Ham along, based on current form?

4. Rooney has spent the latter weeks of the season oscillating between injuries. This isn’t good. Of the presumed back up, neither Crouch nor Heskey can make it into their club teams, whilst Defoe hasn’t quite maintained his excellent start to the season. On form, you’d have to consider taking Darren Bent and Bobby Zamora, but, face it, it’s enormously unlikely to happen.

Can anyone please think of something positive to say?

Let us know with a cheerful comment.

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