Emmanuel Petit loves cocaine parties, swinging

French World Cup winner tells all in new autobiography



Despite having a haircut that would exclude most men from any kind of social interaction and a name reminiscent of soft focus grot films, Emmanuel Petit really lived it up during his time at Arsenal. In his autobiography A Fleur de Peau, published in France yesterday, the former defensive midfielder said he ‘went off the rails a bit’ after winning the World Cup:

“On my days off I discovered the parallel world of Parisian nights – private soirees, swapping clubs,” says Petit.

“They often went on in incredibly luxurious apartments whose owners I didn’t even know – but everyone recognised me.”

The unscrupulously honest Frenchman goes on to talk about a sexy rendezvous at the Sopwell House Hotel in St Albans:

“This pretty girl came regularly,” says Petit. “We had a relationship one day in the snooker room. The next morning, the director and his staff welcomed me with applause.

“He said the room had cameras but reassured me that, as an Arsenal fan, he wouldn’t make the slightest use of it.”

And apparently, rich Arabs with huge yachts sometimes do naughty things:

“They had only top models on board and cocaine everywhere,” he says. “I didn’t take any. The wealthy owners had a great time humiliating the young women in the worst of ways.”

He doesn’t actually admit to taking nose dust, which is definitely a good thing, but his international steamrollering is exemplary. In fact, whenever Jermain Defoe heads out on a night out, he wears a bracelet with ‘WWED?’* engraved on it. With spiritual guidance from the pony-tailed one, he never goes home alone.
* That’s ‘What Would Emmanuel Do?’ you heathen

[Quotes: The Telegraph]