Ecuadorian suspended after stealing another player’s identity for seven years

This man has been caught living a lie


An Ecuadorian footballer has been banned from the game for two years after being found guilty of stealing another player’s identity.

Gonzalo Chila, who until recently turned out for Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito, has been playing under that name for the past seven years. However, when the REAL Chila came forward, it was discovered the imposter was actually called Angel Cheme Ortiz – and he was a full three years older than he claimed to be.

N.B. They might want to check the difference is only three years, because on the news site we got the story from he looks like a 100-year-old mountain man. Just sayin’.

A tribunal suspended the defender from football for up two years following the revelations, which were uncovered when the actual Gonzalo Chila found his Ecuadorean Civil Register ID happened to be a match for Cheme’s – a ‘one in 500 million’ anomaly.

Cheme reportedly starting running the scam after meeting Chila during a tryout for a local club. The 29-year-old had no identification of his own, so he borrowed Cheme’s to register with the Ecuadorian FA and sign professionally.

However, instead of updating records with the proper information, Cheme-Chila (heh) decided to apply for an assortment of ID cards and even a passport under the stolen name.

The Ecuadorean FA is now reportedly considering docking points from Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito. If penalised, the club, currently preparing to compete in a league final, could lose out on the title.