Dutch wives demonstrate how to dress for footie

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Mrs Sneijder, Mrs van der Vaart, Mrs Braafheid, Mrs van Persie


In terms of getting glammed up, the Dutch wives and girlfriends aren’t a million miles away in type from the bosomy lovelies who wile away their evenings enduring JT’s sloppy kisses, or Lampsie’s moist, darting hands – but with one marked difference.

When it comes to dressing appropriately for a match, the “van Something” girls have got it nailed. 

Whilst the England ladies like to turn up to important games as though they’re off to brunch with the professional freelance journalist from Sex and the City, Holland’s bed partners at least leave clues that they are supporting their men.

Notably by wearing the team colours, or by fashioning the national flag on their cheeks using expensive Maybelline make up.

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