Why Dunga won’t pick Ronaldinho REVEALED?

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“I hate you”

Olympics - Beijing Olympic Games 2008

Managers are temperamental sorts, and certainly not the kind of people who like to bury hatchets. Various Man United alumni will attest to the cold breeze that exists on the wrong side of Ferguson, and a ruddy-cheeked rugger fan who happens to talk endlessly to The Spoiler when all that is really needed is a few minutes fresh air and the throat bite of a crumpled Bensoninsists that Kelly Brook’s bed partner would be an England international, were it not for a few personal issues with the monster from The Goonies who runs the team.

Another sportsman enduring a cold winter in the international desert is Ronaldinho – currently moving somewhere close to his best at AC Milan, and yet completely ignored for last night’s Brazil match against the plucky Irish.

Dunga said this after the match, in reference to his exclusion:

“Pele was once the best player in the world. I played once as well. Players come and players go. We have the team decided but we need certain things defined.”

But the word on the grapevine is that there might be rather more to this story than the quote suggests. The below clip shows a teenage Ronaldinho humiliating the now-Brazil manager with his zany tricks at the beginning of his career. Some believe this punch in the underpants to be the real root of the problem. He just can’t let it go!

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