Drugs bust at Anderson’s place

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Great, the drug epidemic has hit South America… 


Anyone already pining for The Wire could do a lot worse than hang out with Man United midfielder, Anderson.

In a recent report by the Associated Press, it appears that the footballer was caught speaking on a wiretap to Ronaldinho about attending a party with a drug trafficker called Richard Alex Martins – the very same Senor Martins who was arrested on Monday in a massive exciting drugs bust at Anderson’s home in Porto Alegre.

The word on the street is that neither Ronaldinho nor Anderson – both away from Brazil, obviously – had anything to do with it, and that Martins was just staying at Anderson’s house, but not dealing from it. Also, the crack team – presumably lead by McNulty and Freaman – refused to confirm when or where the aforementioned party was going to take place.

“We’re not even sure they knew he was a criminal,” said a secret source.


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