Dress like Ronaldo – Part One

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Say hello to Mr Stylish…


Sick of having no sense of style? Confused by Serena Williams wearing a mac on a boiling hot day? Of course you were, everyone was. But fashion need no longer be a dirty word used only by homosexual gentlemen and stylists, you too could be fashionable. Just do as Cristiano Ronaldo and his gym-ravaged girlfriend, Nereida Gallardo, do.

So first in your suitcase this summer…

HIM: Rosary beads (plastic), mirrored shades, red cap (NB. MUST BE BACKWARDS), flippy-floppies, white hotpants.

HER: White bikini, tiny head, slippers, sweatband (NB. Must fit head), tracing paper nightie (pink), tattooed groin (optional).

Happy shopping, folks!

More great/disturbing pics after the jump



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