Don’t argue with Jeff Winter

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Ex-ref lives out rage-filled retirement 

Jeff Winter


Jeff Winter, retired ref, professional media whore and the only man with facial hair bad enough to rival Craig David, happily waded into the argument between Sir Alex Ferguson and Alan Wiley last month, calling the United manager a ‘bully and a coward’ for deeming Wiley to be out of shape after his side’s 2-2 draw against Sunderland.

However, it’s since been brought to The Spoiler’s attention Winter may not be in the best position to be taking the moral high ground on being magnanimous. Jeff’s official website “Jeff Winter Entertainment & Media” (no, really) is an amazing shrine to egotism, the highlight of which has to be the ‘Reader’s Letters‘ section.

A selection of Winter’s finest correspondence after the jump …

From: James, 19th November 2008

Jeff, I am an Everton fan and I think you are a melon with a bad tan.
But what I want to know is did your awful goatee affect your performance as a ref cos you were terrible?

Jeff’s reply

I have just finished editing your almost unreadable message, you ignorant ****.
Go and play with the traffic on the M62.
P.S. You were lucky to get a point off the mighty Boro.

Best wishes,

From: snide_beard, 16th November 2008

Your a top tit but what i want to know is, why a goatee?

Jeff’s reply

Well thanks for your valued opinions Liam Martindale. You are that ****ing stupid that you have a daft name on your email but still use your own name on the address.
Who the **** are you and what is it to do with you how I look and dress? Get a life you sad little ******.

Best wishes

From: Byram Crawford, 13th April 2008

Hi Jeff

Firstly, are you still fat?
Secondly, are you embarrassed by your silly claim that the jop were clapping louder because it was your last game?
I’m not one of the 321 people who’ve actually read your book, it’s just that that comment is probably the most laughed at comment in the history of comments.


Jeff’s reply

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to contact me.
Thanks for your concern about my weight, I must admit that since I retired from active refereeing I have put a bit of weight on – it’s all the good living.
I presume that by “jop” you mean “Kop”. It’s an easy mistake to make when you are too busy trying to be a clever ****. My claim was an attempt at humour, obviously it has passed you by. It is a ****-take, obviously I knew that the Kop could not give a damn about me.
Sorry you have not read the book. By the way, you missed the 25,000 off the 321 you quoted.
Anyway, back to school next week for you. I will publish your letter on my site just so your mates can see what a silly boy you are.

Best wishes

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