Does Mark Hughes have any control over transfers at Manchester City?

Manager doesn’t seem to know what’s going on


Manchester City are linked to at least 4,000 players a day, so it is understandable that manager Mark Hughes has lost track of transfer dealings. Or perhaps he is being given little say over who comes and goes – when asked about the prospective purchase of a Newcastle goalkeeper, Hughes pleaded ignorance to the situation:

“No, I don’t think there has been an offer for Shay Given”

You don’t think there’s been an offer, Mark? Shouldn’t you be the one to know that?

Sparky gave further evidence of being kept out of the loop when questioned about slightly-past-it French striker David Trezeguet:

While Caliendo has ruled out a move to Eastlands, City boss Mark Hughes has claimed that he has no knowledge of any interest in the striker from his club.

“It’s news to me,” he said.

Either Hughes is being extremely coy about City’s movements in the transfer market, or the board and owners are keeping their cards far too close to their chests…

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