Do you care there are other games on FA Cup final day?

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Pulis – gutted


Despite our assertion that FA Cup finals are a bit ‘meh’ in terms of on-pitch action, we still absolutely love all the build-up – watching clips of Ronnie Radford on a marvellously muddy pitch, the teammates bit when the captains tell us how all the lads are right lads, the replays of ALL previous rounds – it’s great.

However, this year it’s a little bit different – there are other games happening AT THE SAME TIME! Football Focus will have to have other bits and bobs on it and everything will be ruined. Maybe.

The Spoiler doesn’t quite know how to feel about this, we’re certainly not fit to burst with righteous indignation as The Tabloids are, but it would be quite nice for it to be left alone to have a bit of a show-off, no?

Stoke boss Tony Pulis certainly seems to think so. He had this to say:

“I think it’s wrong. When you realise they’ve done it to be able to play the Champions League final at Wembley in two weeks time, you realise that it’s internationals first, Champions League second, Premier League third and the FA Cup fourth.”

Things could be about to get even worse next year though. Football Association chairman David Bernstein has now come out and said that next season’s final will have to be played early because of Euro 2012 and it may even kick off at 5.15pm!

He had this to say:

“We won’t be able to have the game at the end of the season next year because of the European Championships and the need for the gap between the league and Euros.

“In the course of time, and it won’t be next season – I can say that now unfortunately – we will certainly be looking to get the FA Cup on its traditional day.”

“We think we will be moving to a later FA Cup final kick-off, at 5.15pm which is potentially more popular with viewers.”

In all fairness, he has said they’re doing their best to get it back to the traditional slot and The Tabloids would be the first to complain if England’s players were a bit lethargic because they were tired out after a late FA Cup final, so, y’know? It’s not that bad is it?

Or is it? Should it ALWAYS be at the end of the season on its own? Or do you not give a fig? Let us know with a comment…

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