Do any other Premier League players fail like Gareth Bale?

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Help us figure out if anyone can rival the Welshman’s curse


After Gareth Bale’s winless streak as a Premier League footballer extended to a landmark twentieth game against Wigan yesterday, The Spoiler started to ponder if there are any other current top-flight players still left wondering what victory tastes like.

So far we’ve come up with Bale’s Mexican teammate Giovani dos Santos, who has experienced one draw and five defeats from his first six Premier League appearances. To show there’s no anti-Tottenham bias going on we can also add Arsenal’s Jay Simpson to the list after his top-flight debut on loan at West Brom ended in a 2-1 defeat to Aston Villa.

Another player who comes close but isn’t quite bad enough to make the grade is Chelsea’s Franco di Santo who has won one, drawn one and lost two of his four league appearances. If you can find anyone who is yet to win in the Premier League then let us know their record with a comment below.

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