Didier Drogba’s cleaner calls the police over payment row

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Woman experiences difficulty extracting £430 from man who earns £115,000 a week


If there’s one thing better than hiring a cleaner for your £4m Surrey mansion, then it’s hiring a cleaner with a name like a stripper for your £4m Surrey mansion. Chelsea star Didier Drogba opted for the latter, bringing in 32-year-old Candy Price to clean up after him and his family. Things turned a little sour this week, however, when Le Drog’s partner Lalla Diakite neglected to cough up £430 of wages. The Sun says:

Candy Price refused to leave the £24million Chelsea striker’s mansion until she was paid £430 in wages.The 32-year-old housekeeper said she walked out the day before after becoming fed up with the couple’s demands.

Eventually mum of three Lalla – whose husband is paid £115,000 a week – called cops.

Candy, of West Drayton, Middlesex, said: “All I wanted was the money owed to me.

“Drogba’s partner kept telling me she would put it in the post, but I knew she didn’t have my address.”

When the police arrived, they managed to secure a £430 cheque, but a spokesman for Drogba still insists she was owed nothing.

If she had cleaned hard enough, she probably would have found that kind of money lying between the couch cushions anyway.

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