Did you know Cristiano Ronaldo is in Transporter 2?

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Yup, look. There he is.


If you thought the Transporter franchise was simply an excuse for Jason Statham to take off his shirt and wrestle in oil, then you’d be quite right. However, it is also the vehicle with which Cristiano Ronaldo appears to have launched his film career. (Vehicle? Transporter? Sorry, we’ll get our coats.)

What’s that, Doubting Thomas? You don’t believe the Portuguese man-o’-sex is in Transporter 2?

Ok, so it might not actually be Cristiano, but a very good look-alike sent in by The Spoiler’s number two fan Jack (our number one fan is Stan Collymore).

Spoiler bonus: Ronny isn’t the only Manchester Utd star to have a doppelganger in a film – recognise Archy in RocknRolla?

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