David Bentley: not stupid

The Sun tries make Spurs winger look dim, fails


There are many footballers out there whose mental capacity only just stretches beyond the ability to dress themselves, but David Bentley has never struck The Spoiler as being a ‘prostitute short of a Ronaldo sex party’. Despite this,  The Sun’s ‘Bizarre’ columnist Gordon Smart tries to expose DB’s flailing brainpower in today’s paper:

[…] But as David continued with the interview for channelbee.com [the new project of lovable Watford/ Chelsea fan Tim Lovejoy – Ed.], he made it much harder to take him as a reliable witness.

When asked what his favourite animal to eat was, the Spurs midfielder replied: “I don’t know, what’s veal? Is that cow? Yeah, veal.”

Um yes, veal is calf (baby cow) meat, and a hesitant response on such a matter when pressured by a journalist is perfectly reasonable. Veal is also quite a sophisticated choice, being a meat traditionally enjoyed by gentlemen in top hats and monacles who use ’summer’ as a verb.

Sooo, looks like Gordon Smart isn’t quite living up to his surname…

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